I am

For now, it is just me. Ashley Beek.

Striving to become great at her job!

Finds passion in creating visual marketing to attract more business for you!


This is the blog/web- era, and more and more people are online every day, with different hopes dreams and targets. Some want a place of their own on the internet, where they can share thoughts, experiences and facts with the world. Others see value in the hard copy, and we do too!

No matter what your media, the sucess of your business resides in good, well-written, unique content, layout and the right tools to help your readers find you.


IttyBitty Iowa is the place for all your media needs. Oh, and one of a kind gifts, don't forget about those!

designer. writer. wonderful.


1987: Born an Iowan.

1995: Mastered the Yukon Trail, and other DOS based programs.

1997: Opened first email account (which I still have) at age 10.

2002: Opened first eBay store selling items on clearance at parents gift store. Human trafficking already illegal on eBay, or I would have been an only child.

2003: Congress-Bundestag Schollarship winner and traveld abroad for a year at 15. (Nothing to do with web design/marketing, just a really awesome honor!)

2005: NIACC High School Web-design Scholarship winner

2005: Logged into Facebook for the first time- havent logged out since.

2007: Tweeted.

2008: Wrote my senior paper on the affects social media would have on small business in rural areas. Before the timeline

2009: Graduated Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.

2009: Started to craft more as an outlet to a remedial job.

2010: Wished Pinterest was more popular when I was planning my wedding.

2011: Opened a Facebook craft store to sell the items I made.

2012: Jumped on the Google+ bandwagon.

2012: Sold over $1,200 in crafts through Facebook and StoreEnvy.

2013: Reached 500 facebook fans on IttyBittyPrettyThings.